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How old is your organisation? It’s still an Idea Or Less than a Year
₹ 20,000


How old is your organisation? 1 – 5 years
₹ 30,000


How old is your organisation? More than 5 Years
About Pitch Deck

Your new innovation or product or service largely depends on communicating complex data and information in a time-bound manner. Whether you’re a startup or an already established business presenting strategic plans, various insights, or technical information, you’ve got to understand that giving your audience the gist of your findings is important without going too deep. 

We offer the best pitch deck design services that are 100% focused on helping all kinds of organizations by easily and quickly creating compelling funding pitches. Our team of experienced business analysts, copywriters, visualizers, and graphic designers work as a team to collectively find the narrative in your financial and technical data and illustrate it with comprehensive formats and visuals that deliver just the right level of detail to your audience. 

As a premium deck design services company in India, we easily create jaw-dropping and compelling presentations to raise funding from your targeted investors. Depending on the type, stage, and background of your prospect, we help you create an elaborative presentation that is designed to tell your story in the right way possible so that investors can easily understand your strengths and determine why your company is the one they should be investing in.

Highlights of Pitch Deck

Adds Value

Pitch decks provide enormous benefits to startup founders that act as a persuasive tool for potential investors. We offer premium pitch deck services that help the founders to evaluate all facets of their business step by step, work on improving their model and clarify their own thought processes before putting forth your company’s story before the potential investors.

Saves Time

Funding decks are thorough presentations that need deep insights and remarkable attention before being worked upon. The multiple demands of an entrepreneur’s life might not afford you with the “luxury” of spending a lot of time, money and resources on creating a professional pitch deck for your audience but we can help solve that problem.

Guaranteed Results

A Pitch Deck should be creative and compelling enough to take the idea to investors in a span of minutes and in that time frame the impression matters the most. Therefore it’s crucial that a startup creates an ideal investor pitch deck by articulating a compelling and interesting story. Our team of planners create the most comprehensive pitch deck that helps in attracting investors to drive results.

  • Organisations who want to compress complex investment report into brief presentation
  • Organisations seeking Seed/Pre Series A Funding.
  • Organisations with less than 5 years of standing (with more than 5 years, drop in a request, we would contact you)
  • Investment Seekers, at an Idea/Prototype stage
  • Organisations seeking to know the pulse of the investors.
  • Brief Pitch Deck for Presentation [PPT Format]
  • Pitch Deck to be shared with GAPRSK Investment Associates
Frequently Asked Question

What should be the Goal of Your Pitch Deck?

Your Pitch deck should be able to generate Interest and excitement about your idea or product among the Investors, and take you to the second meeting with the investors. Investors on daily basis receive hundreds or even thousands of pitch decks to go through and it is very important that your make your Pitch Deck Eye Catching.

10 Common Elements of an Ideal Pitch Deck?

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How safe is my data with Setmybiz?

To ensure your trust, we will enter into a strict Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with your organization. Also, Setmybiz is in consulting business for more than a decade now, and it is our foremost policy to keep our clients information confidential and safe. Please read our Privacy Policy.

Does Setmybiz provide assurance for Investment?

Setmybiz being in consulting business is in touch with Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists across India, typically after obtaining permission from the client we would share your pitch deck these Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists. However, we don’t assure any kind of Investment based on the same.