Pitch Deck

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Pitch Deck



How old is your organisation? It’s still an Idea Or Less than a Year
₹ 20,000


How old is your organisation? 1 – 5 years
₹ 30,000


How old is your organisation? More than 5 Years
About Pitch Deck

It is a brief presentation about the business/product of the Investment Seeker/Organisation for a quick overview of the business plan to the investor. Designed in such a way to communicate the story of your organisation/product and to make a Great First Impression. A Pitch Deck is prepared with the data and provided by the organisation and GAPRSK to include the following:

  1. Introduction
  2. Market
  3. Problem
  4. Solution
  5. Advantages/Features
  6. Team
  7. Roadmap/Timeline
  8. SWOT
  9. Competition
  10. Business Model
  11. Funding Requirement and Utilisation
  12. Financials
Highlights of Pitch Deck

First Impressions

A Creative Pitch Deck would help you grab the attention of the investors.


Gives a brief impression to the investor about your idea, product or organization.

Short and Creative

A Pitch Deck should be creative enough to take the idea to investors in a span of 10-15 minutes.

  • Organisations who want to compress complex investment report into brief presentation
  • Organisations seeking Seed/Pre Series A Funding.
  • Organisations with less than 5 years of standing (with more than 5 years, drop in a request, we would contact you)
  • Investment Seekers, at an Idea/Prototype stage
  • Organisations seeking to know the pulse of the investors.
  • Brief Pitch Deck for Presentation [PPT Format]
  • Pitch Deck to be shared with GAPRSK Investment Associates