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Investment Pitch Report



How old is your organisation? It’s still an Idea Or Less than a Year
₹ 50,000


How old is your organisation? 1 – 5 years
₹ 75,000


How old is your organisation? More than 5 Years
About Investment Pitch Report

It is a detailed report for investment seekers, which answers all the questions of an investor about your organisation, customised according to the needs of the investment seeker and their organisation. A detailed report is prepared with the data provided by the organisation and Setmybiz to include the following:

  1. Understanding the Industry and Market Size
  2. Understanding the Product/Service
  3. Organisation and Team
  4. Roadmap/Timeline
  5. SWOT Analysis
  6. Competitive Analysis
  7. Funding Requirement and Utilisation
  8. Valuation of the Organisation
  9. Entry and Exit Strategy for the Investors
Highlights of Investment Pitch Report

First Impressions

An Informative and well planned Investment Pitch Report would help you grab the attention of the investors and takes you to the next meeting.


Gives a brief impression to the investor about your idea, product or organization.


It enhances your prospects with investors.

  • Organisations seeking Seed/Pre Series A Funding.
  • Organisations with less than 5 years of standing (with more than 5 years, drop in a request, we would contact you)
  • Investment Seekers, at an Idea/Prototype stage
  • Organisations seeking to know their valuation
  • Detailed Investment Pitch Report, along with valuation
  • Brief Pitch Deck for Presentation
  • Pitch Deck to be shared with Setmybiz Investment Associates
  • Two Free Meetings with the Potential Investors by a Chartered Accountant to explain Valuation Methodology.
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for preparing Investment Pitch Report?

Step 1 – Once you have purchased the plan our experts would reach out to you for a detailed conversation to understand the Product/Service you are Offering and Your Industry and Market Size.

Step 2 – Based on explanations, we will send you a detailed questionnaire which requires various data inputs regarding your revenue, costs, market capability, traction, marketing strategy, timelines, team, expectations and etc.

Step 3 – Based on the data inputs received from you and research done by our team, we would present you with a Financials Projections, Valuation Report and Draft Pitch Report.

Step 4 – The Draft reports would be fine-tuned with feedback from your organization, and would be finalized into a Detailed Investment Pitch Report, along with Pitch Deck for Presentation purposes.

How safe is my data with Setmybiz?

To ensure your trust, we will enter into a strict Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with your organization. Also, Setmybiz is in consulting business for more than a decade now, and it is our foremost policy to keep our clients information confidential and safe. Please read our Privacy Policy.

What is the difference between Investment Pitch Report and a Pitch Deck?

Investment Pitch Report is detailed report which contains all the necessary information typically investors ask for.

While, Pitch Deck is brief presentation or summary of the pitch report to attract the investors’ attention towards your product/service.

Who are setmybiz investment associates?

Setmybiz being in consulting business is in touch with Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists across India, typically after obtaining permission from the client we would share your pitch deck these Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists. However, we don’t assure any kind of Investment based on the same.