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About GST Registration

Goods and Services Tax (GST) is an indirect tax throughout India to replace taxes levied by the central and state governments. The Goods and Services Tax or GST is launched on the 1st of July 2017, and it is has revolutionized the way we do our indirect taxes. Goods & Services Tax is a comprehensive, multi-stage, destination-based tax that will be levied on every value addition. We ensure your GST registration process is smooth and error free with assistance of our expert team.


Who Needs to Register with GST?

A ‘taxable person’ under GST, is a person who carries on any business at any place in India and who is registered or required to be registered under the GST Act. Any person who engages in economic activity including trade and commerce is treated as a taxable person.

Person’ here includes

  • Individuals,
  • HUF,
  • Company,
  • Partnership Firm,
  • LLP,
  • An AOP/ BOI,
  • Any corporation or Government company, body corporate incorporated under laws of a foreign country,
  • Co-operative society,
  • Local authority,
  • Government,
  • Trust,
  • An artificial juridical person.

If, they fulfil any of the following criteria.

BUSINESS TURNOVER Any Businesses Which Have A Turnover Of Above Rs.40 Lakhs (Rs.10 Lakhs For North-Eastern States, J & K, Himachal Pradesh And Uttarakhand),

Rs.20 Lakhs in case of those businesses which provide services

E-COMMERCE OPERATIOR/DEALER An electronic commerce operator is any person who owns, operates or manages a digital or electronic facility or platform for electronic commerce. Any Person who connects through e-commerce business (ex:- amazon, snap deal), should register for GST without any turnover limit.
CASUAL TAX PAYER If you supply goods or services in events/exhibition & you don’t have a permanent place of business, you need to get online GST Registration. The validity of causal GST Registration is 90 days.
INTER STATE SUPPLIER Any Businesses who supplies goods or services from one state to another comes under inter-state supply and they have to register GST registration, without any turnover limit.
INPUT SERVICE DISTRIBUTOR Input Service Distributor means a supplier of goods or services which receives tax invoices for the receipt of input services and issues a prescribed document for the purposes of distributing the credit of central tax, State tax, integrated tax or Union territory tax paid on the said services to a supplier of taxable goods or services.
NON-RESIDENT TAXABLE PERSON A Non-resident taxable person is any person who occasionally supplies goods or services to recipients in India, but who has no fixed place of business or residence in India. All non-resident taxable persons are mandatorily required to obtain GST registration, without any turnover limit.
ONLINE DATABASE AND INFORMATION PROVIDER Any Person supplying online information and database access to any person other than a registered taxable person are mandatorily required to obtain GST registration, without any turnover limit.
  • Understanding your Business
  • Collection of Data and Documents
  • Uploading of Data and Documents in GSTN Portal
  • TRN & ARN Generation
  • Response to GST Department Queries, if any, including Resubmission of Documents
  • GSTN Generated
Frequently Asked Question

Can I have two or more GST Registrations at the same Address?

Yes, You can, Multiple Businesses, can be operated within in same business premises, However the GST Authorities may visit the premises for verification, in which case it is important to prove how these multiple businesses are different from each other.

In fact, in case of co-work spaces or shared offices it is very common to have multiple GST registrations for various entities under the same address or location.

Can I apply for GST Registration if am already a salaried employee?

No, GST has no restrictions on whether the applicant is salaried employee, However if you are freelancer or  property owner (with rental income more than Rs.20 Lakhs) and also employed else where, it would be ideal to obtain an NOC (No Objection Certificate)  from your Employer, before proceeding with GST Registration.

Further, the NOC (No Objection Certificate) is not a pre requisite for the GST Registration.

Can I do multi-commodity trade, Services & Manufacturing on the same GST number?

Yes, you can, However it would be ideal maintain segment wise books of accounts in such a scenario.

Do I need to submit physical documents for GST Registration?

No Physical submission is required. The GST registration process is completely online and can be done on

How many Days does it take to get the GST Number approved?

Applicants who complete Aadhaar Authentication while applying for GSTN will get the approval in three working days.

While applicants not opting for Aadhaar authentication for GSTN registration would be granted it only after physical verification of the place of business or documentary verification which may take up to 21 working days or more if notice is issued by the concerned assessing officer.

Is it mandatory to open a Bank account within 45 days of GST?

If you have obtained GSTN as new tax payer without submission of bank account details, or a sole proprietorship concern who applied for GSTN for opening a bank account. You would have to submit the bank account details within 45 days from the date GSTN Approval.

Is Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) mandatory for GST Registration?

Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is mandatory for enrolment by Domestic Companies, Foreign Companies, Limited Liability Partnership (LLPs) and Foreign Limited Liability Partnership (FLLPs).

For other taxpayers, electronically signing using DSC is optional.

Do the Proprietor or Partner or Director need to present at time of physically verification by GST Department?

Yes, Typically for Sole Proprietorship Concern or an Individual registration, the concerned proprietor or individual have to be personally present.

In case of other entities any authorised person personally present would suffice.

My name as per PAN and Aadhaar do not match, does it effect the GST registration process?

Yes, typically if your name as per PAN and Aadhaar do not match, you would not be able to complete the Aadhaar authentication in which your GSTN would not be automatically approved in 3 working days.

You application would be liable to physical verification from the GST Department, in which case the registration process can extend to 21 working days.