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Corporate Secretarial Support



How old is your organisation? It’s still an Idea Or Less than a Year
₹ 50,000


How old is your organisation? 1 – 5 years
₹ 75,000


How old is your organisation? More than 5 Years
About Corporate Secretarial Support

Post Approval of funding by investors at various stages, the organisation/start-up have to commence Post funding activities, which may require filing of necessary forms with the Registrar of Companies, including changing the structure of the organisation/start-up. This Package offers a comprehensive solution for all your post funding corporate secretarial needs as per the Companies Act, 2013.

  • Organisations/Start Ups, who are in final talks of funding
  • Organisations/Start Ups, who have raised funding and need of secretarial compliance, to comply with conditions of the investors.
  • Ensuring Compliance as per the Investors & Share Holders Agreement
  • Drafting of Resolutions, Minutes of the Meeting
  • Transfer of Shares
  • Increase of Authorised & Paid Up Capital
  • Alterations to the MOA or AOA
  • Changes in the Directors